Working with unemployed grads and post-grads for a couple of years, 3 points stick with me: If you’re not from a background where networking plays a part in social advancement, then you need to learn guerilla networking Kids need encouragement to express themselves fully. One computing science MSc had shied away from mentioning the games […]

Is the web making us all think more laterally? I’ve been running some web content workshops recently, for lovely people with start-ups or who have established businesses with little web publishing. Now if you’ve started a business, you’ll know that the most pressing concern to begin with is usually about ‘Heck, am I going to […]

Someone recently shafted and almost derailed a project I worked on through being untrustworthy: someone I trusted utterly. When quizzed, he said ‘managing my reputation is my main concern’. Anyway, it’s clear this plonker is not alone in the world: entrepreneurship professor Noah Wasserman estimates 83% of start-ups fail, not down to lack of funding […]

Two years ago, I self-published The Gritties, which despite having an excellent agent champion it, had failed to get a deal. This little blog was born out of frustration with the idea of haranguing people endlessly on twitter to buy my book… Anyway, the material within it reached the right audience and am utterly thrilled […]

Some of you may have noticed postings here have been getting less and less regular – and I’m sorry if this has disappointed you. My job has changed from that of a work psychologist, moving from project to project, to community building for a government funded pilot helping digitalize small towns. Some of you know […]

11015Linked-In gobbles the recruitment industry, Amazon gorges on book publishing and the high street, Netflix swallows dvds while Skype devours phone companies…

Could your job be next?

At a sparky talk last week, Tom Morgan of Mint Digital reminded us how software hoovers up traditional business sectors and jobs though its capacity to connect, copy and upscale.

His business tackles this creatively by invention – both digital and physical.

But for those of us with jobs we fear becoming toast quite soon, Continue reading